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The Impossible Exhibitions
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Since 2003, over fifty Impossible Exhibitions have been set up in large cities such as Chicago, Mexico City, Brussels, Lyon, Malta, Milan, Rome, Naples, Catania, and Padua, as well as in small and medium-sized towns such as Östersund (Sweden), Ancona, Avellino, Macerata, Vigevano, Urbino, Vinci, Todi, Porto Ercole, Fossano and many others.

The visitors of the Impossible Exhibitions have been more than two million so far: mostly very young people and people who do not usually visit, or who have never visited, a museum or a place of art. At the same time, lovers of art history enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity to be able to admire, in the same place, arranged side by side, all the paintings, altarpieces and frescoes of great painters such as Raphael and Leonardo as well as the most famous masterpieces of the Renaissance.